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The Innkeepers - Brett & Ashley UngerBret and Ashlee met in college the spring of 2006 in Dallas, TX where they have worked and lived most of their lives. Having a natural talent for serving people, they both worked in the service industry for about 11 years before realizing they wanted to host travelers in 2011.

Since then they worked diligently to make their dream happen by seeking out mentors, changing jobs and gaining the skills necessary to be good hosts.

One factor that really led to their interest in Tourism stemmed from a non-profit organization called Couchsurfing,” in which travelers from all over the world could stay on their couch for free, and instead exchange cultural backgrounds.

Traveling became another major influence in their decision to become innkeepers. Both have traveled abroad numerous times and have always been inspired by cultural differences and practices. Among their journey’s they picked up the ability to empathize with many people making them understanding and tolerant of the many people they encounter in the business.

Ashlee is an “old soul” who loves to cook, garden, dance, craft, travel and immerse herself in nature. She is very active and enthusiastic about life and loves spending time with family.

Bret enjoys sports, chess, and history; and firmly believes individual success depends greatly on the strength and energy of the one’s community.

Bret and Ashlee have a 3 year old son named Lincoln and two Mastiff/Plott hound dogs; Jackson and Franklin.